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The Highest Professional Standards

Royal Health Care Services has been providing home care services to the New York Metropolitan area for the past 25 years.  We are dedicated to providing client-centered and family-centered care in the patient’s home.  Royal Health Care Services focuses on each client’s unique physiological, psychological, self-esteem, safety, and self-actualization needs and is committed to the provision of home care services based upon those unique needs.  We collaborate with the patient and all family members in order to provide appropriate services.

It is the belief of Royal Health Care Services that, for a significant sector of the population, home care services present a cost-effective and humanistic alternative to premature or inappropriate institutionalization.

It is the mission of this agency to provide nurses, home health aides, personal care companions, therapy services, to individuals who require or prefer such services in their home.  In addition, the agency will provide placement of staff within institutions or organizations which require temporary assistance.